Monday, November 8, 2010

Bleach Stenciled Shirt

After painstakingly cutting out our freezer-paper stencil, Ben and I definitely wanted to maximize the return on our effort.

Using the cut outs, we made a second shirt to give as a gift.  Using the original printout as a reference, we arranged the letters (shiny side down) and firmly pressed on with a medium-hot iron. 

Next, I spritzed the shirt with several sprays of full-strength bleach.  I think I went a little overboard with this, and Ben kept shouting, "But what about the capillary action?" so I
blotted some off.

Ten minutes later, the shirt looked about the right color so we quickly removed the stencil, rinsed the shirt, and tossed it in the wash.

The final result looks great!  In the future I will try to not be so generous in my spritzing, and will protect the collar.  Otherwise, unbelievable easy- try it!


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