Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet the Martineaus

Hello!  I'm Candace, pictured here with my hunk'a'husband Ben.  We have been married now for a little over a year.  We recently moved to Boise, ID where Ben was lucky to find a job.  I'm starting this blog to chronicle our transition into married, grown-up life.  

 We started out humbly - in a tiny dungeon basement apartment in Provo, then graduated to a much roomier place in Boise.  Since then we have adopted a furry bundle of joy, Percy.  His favorite activity is to make buddies at the nearby Bark Park, but he would love a yard of his very own to play in.

Earlier this year, I started Sorella Bella- an online store selling LDS sister missionary clothing (modest yet cute skirts, cardigans, travel accessories, split slips, etc.)  The inventory has taken over the second bedroom and is spilling forth into the living area.

That is why we are taking a big step- purchasing our first home.  With it will come plenty of improvement projects- each day I visit the magical world of Blogland I add to our 'New Home To-do List'.  

Thanks for visiting, and check back to see our progress on making house a home!


Lily said...

Congrats on purchasing a new home! Will you purchase a home in Boise? Have you already picked one out?

Lily said...

good luck!!!! if anyone can pull that off, you can!

Kara M. said...

Wahoo!!! I'm so excited you have a blog!!

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