Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Mystery Shop Companies Pt II

6. Service Intelligence - Quick Serve Restaurants, Fast Food, Retail, Gas Stations.  Once I did a sales pitch review of a local community college that paid $162 (for about 4 hours of my time).  Nationwide in US and Canada.  I have liked most jobs with this company, but I don't do the maternity store shop because I always overspend.  

7. Trendsource (MSI Services) - Fast food, Ice Cream, Grocery Stores.  Nationwide in US, a very very few in Canada.  Their shops go quick, so check early and often.  I have done the $27 grocery store shop twice, and probably won't again. 

8. Beyond Hello - Optometrists, Travel Centers.  Nationwide and many in Canada.  I got my current glasses with this shop- however, I only recommend doing it if you have insurance because the $125 reimbursement won't cover everything.

9. IntelliShop - Travel Centers, Oil Changes, Assorted.  Nationwide (as of today 4000 shops in US) and some in Canada (~ 200).  I have never completed a shop with them, but a commenter, Digna of Autumn Blues Reviews, recommends them.

10. AboutFace - Cosmetics, Auto Supply.  Nationwide, US only.  In my opinion, avoid the Chinese shops (too small a reimbursement).

Check back tomorrow for the final installment of best mystery shopping companies to work for!


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