Monday, December 6, 2010

Best Mystery Shop Companies Pt. III

Final installment!  These are more of the companies I have signed up with.  They are not higher on the list because they offer fewer shops or less fun shops, but still good to sign up with if you get serious about mystery shopping.  You never know when a company will land a new client in your area.

11. Bare International - Airport shops, Restaurants.  Nationwide, US only. They don't have many shops in Idaho, but I really loved the restaurant shops while I was in Utah.  I also sign up to do airport shops any time I travel.

12. Amusement Advantage - Zoo's, Mini Golf, Arcades.  Nationwide, US only.  These tend to have very detailed and long reports, so I recommend only signing up when there is a bonus attached.  The website is a little ghetto and they never send emails.  They post shops toward the end of the month.  After you request, you have to log back in a few days later to see if you got it and confirm.

13. The Brandt Group - Restaurants.  CO, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY only.  Great shops with generous reimbursements and friendly staff.

14. Corporate Research Intl. - Retail, Delivery Pizza.  Nationwide US and Canada.  The popular teenage clothier shop and pizza shops have really easy forms so it is worth the time to certify.  The other shops seem like too much time/effort.  These shops go quick and rarely make it to email notifications.

15. Dunlap Enterprises -  CA, OK only.

16. Mystery Guest - Restaurant.  US only - Every 2-3 months they post $50 shops to a popular, higher end restaurant. 

17. Sinclair Customer Metrics - Retail shops.  Nationwide, US only.  I pick up several of these shops every month.  They are great about emailing when new shops are posted.

18. Second to None - Coffee, Electronics, Donuts.  Nationwide, US and Canada. 

19. Nationwide Services - Restaurant.  Nationwide in US only (none in ID or UT).

20. Reality Check - Grocery, Casinos. Western US only.  The $20 grocery shops are great!

I find companies to sign up with through Jobslinger, Mystery Shop Forum, and a list on Slickdeals.

Good luck with your shopping!  Let me know if you have any questions.


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