Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Christmas Breakfast- Swedish Pletts / Plattar

lEach year growing up, my Dad would make a special Christmas breakfast reflecting our heritage.  We all look forward to this special treat of a breakfast that only comes once a year- Swedish Pancakes (aka Pletts or Plätter).  These darling little pancakes are heavenly!

This year I am celebrating Christmas in my new family, so Dad graciously passed down his special family recipe.

Petersen Plätter

Sift together into a large bowl and set aside:
  1 1/2 cups sifted flour
  5 tablespoons sugar
  1/2 teaspoon salt

Beat in a bowl:
  3 eggs  (if you are watching cholesterol you can also substitute 6 egg whites)

Beat in until Blended:
  2 cups milk
  2 tablespoons melted butter
  Splash of vanilla

Add liquid to dry ingredients and beat until smooth. 

You'll need a special cast iron Plett pan to cook these.  Amazon sells the Norpro version for 16.99 with free Super Saver Shipping.  I went ahead and purchased mine on Ebay - a classic Griswold 34.  These are heavy duty, and as is the case with most cast iron pans, will last for generations.  I paid about $30 with shipping.


Heat the pan up over low heat.  It is hot enough when drops of water sprinkled on surface dance in small beads.  Brush with butter, then put about 1 tablespoon batter in each circular depression.  Cook batter over medium heat till golden brown, flipping once.  Flipping can be a bit of an art form- some people use toothpicks or chopsticks, I use a fork and spatula combination.  Keep an inverted plate or bowl over your pletts as the pile up to keep warm (and avoid people pinching them!) until you're ready to serve.

The traditional Swedish topping is Lingonberry preserves.  I have had luck finding this at World Market and Ikea.  You can also, of course, use maple syrup, butter, or a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  My favorite topping is cherry preserves.  Enjoy! 


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Ooh! These look delicious! We may have to try them! Thanks so much for linking up to my Linky Party!


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Yumm and delicious...
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One of my favorite breakfasts! I had no idea that they made special pans to make them perfect!

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These look so yummy and fun to make. I love the special pan! Thanks for sharing.

Jacqueline said...

These look just wonderful. We love breakfast foods. We had a friend who used to make us swedish pancakes, but not with this great pan. Looks fantastic.

Lynn said...

They look great, what a nice family tradition-enjoy:@)

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What a great tradition--yummy, enjoy!

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Love your swedish pancakes. Yum Yum! Thanks for linking to my "It's Your Wonderful Life" party. Joni

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