Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It has been a wonderful holiday break!  Ben and I both got sick, but it was kind of nice to do nothing and hang out in jammies all day.

We did feel well enough to go to a few movies, and to try out a local restaurant called Big Jud's - home of the 1 lb hamburger (as seen on Man vs Food)!  Delicious!

We forgot our camera, but I found this guy's online... gives you an idea of the size. 

And... today, 3 months and 14 days after our inital offer was submitted, we got a counter offer from Bank of America on our short sale!  Within a couple days we should know for sure if we will be becoming homeowners.

In preparation, I've been spending a lot of time on design sites looking over paint colors.  That is one thing we would like to get done before moving in, at least in the rooms that it would be a huge pain to paint later.  For inspiration, I love checking out blogs and design sites.  I then take the ideas and play with them at Polyvore.  What a great site!  Perfect for people like me who have a tough time visualizing how things will work together in a room.

Ben wants to tie the home design together with key colors repeated throughout the house.  Navy blue is what I am leaning towards making our theme.  Here are some of my ideas:
Living Room Part 2
family room?


Ethan said...

Candace- that's great news! I hope things work out with the home and it's what you want. I like the color/ furniture ideas you made. What program did you use to put that together? You're learning that stuff quick!


Jena @ Involving Color and Home said...

Hi Candace - thanks for stopping by my blog! I can totally commiserate on the short sales. Ours was a short sale too, and I totally know how it feels to do the waiting game. Good luck!

xNTA said...

Hello! :) Found you through follow me back tuesdays

I love that colour scheme, brown and blue. It's what my condo is currently!

Have a good one! x

xNTA said...

Thanks for the comment, Candace! This post is actually the inspiration I had for making *my* post. :) I figured why not right?

Have a good one! x

Jenny Lynn said...

my husband loves Man vs Food...he has been making a list of restaurants he wants to visit because of the show. Big Jud's is on his list!

I like your color palette that your putting together for you home. I love the navy.

Kat's Purrfect Boutique said...

I signed up for polyvore. Did you do the furniture pictures there too? Really cool site! Thanks for signing up for my blog, I am following you back. I've been selling on ebay for a few years and got a lot of good advice from you. I've been selling through USPS and they charge 17.99 a mo for their service. It seemed like a great idea, at first, because I got a lot of freebies. Now it doesn't. I'm not even sure I can use the scale once I don't use that program anymore. Anyways, thanks for the advice. Where do you buy the stuff you sell? Good luck on your move. :)

Unknown said...

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