Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Cook!

As we prepare to make the big move (we hope to close on the house somewhere between February 22-25), it is time to start eating up food rather than moving it.  Ben gave us a huge head start by dropping the sugar container yesterday, checking several pounds of the sweet stuff off our list. :)

I started out making a list of everything in our cupboards, with possible meal ideas, and stuck it to the fridge.  The plan was to cross off items as we use them. 


I discovered Super Cook- this awesome web resource where you put in all your food, and they spit out a list of recipes in various categories using only those ingredients. Genius!  As food items are used up, I can delete them from my list.  Right now I have 2000+ recipes available-  and here I thought there was nothing to make!  I wonder how many options I'll have come February 21...

Check out Super Cook


Kara M. said...

Ohhh This sounds like fun! Something that could be real useful!!! :)

Digna said...

Wow cool site. There are so many helpful sites out there right now. Wish I could join them all. If only I had a million hours in a day. A was sent one this week for organic gardners. It is so neat. Good luck on your move. Moving is rough. Came over via Blog frog. Stop over and join my blog when you can. Have an awesome day!

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