Friday, February 18, 2011

Our New House

Giddy with excitement, the first thing I did after receiving the keys to our new abode was make a video tour.  It is 6 dizzying minutes long and rewatching it gives me a motion-sickness headache, but I am embedding it here anyway.  It is part of our record- the ultra-before shot.  Already things have started changing.  Today we cleaned the kitchen and garage, steam cleaned all the carpets, and painted the pantry and laundry closet Robin's Egg blue.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bidrack Review

After reading my blog post, Bidrack has contacted me about resolving the issues and have offered to mail me my iPad to make up for the bad experience due to their supplier problems and to restore my confidence in their company.  The iPad has arrived, much to my surprise and delight.  This show of good faith has made me very hopeful the Bidrack is working to become the fun site and reliable company we all want it to be.
Friends and I have won items using our free wheel-spin bids.  Some of these items were won 3 weeks ago and none have arrived.  So, while I hope that his time Bidrack will make good on their part of the deal by fulfilling purchases, I cannot verify from experience that they are shipping items. If you have received a won item recently, please comment below.
I still visit the Bidrack page almost daily for my free spin of the wheel.  While other auction sites I have tried, like Quibids, ship within days, you have to pay for every bid. Bidding with actual paid for bids makes the experience very stressful for me, like gambling with not such great odds.  I typically bid on gift cards to locations I would be going anyway, then if I lose I just use the 'buy-it-now' option and have thus only lost the $2.00 shipping fee.
Bidrack, however, gives free bids daily.  They do expire after 24 hours, so they don't stack up, but it makes the whole auction environment a lot more fun when I don't feel like I'm watching myself throw money away.
Also, there are several lower value items that are very easy to win.
All in all, if you have a bidrack account I wouldn't give up on them yet.  If you don't, I'd either go ahead and give it a try (if the $60 is not big money to you) OR wait another couple of months and see what happens.  I think they are moving in a good direction.