Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anyone Want to Adopt a Dog?

Today, the alarm went off and I happily popped out of bed and headed to the sink to brush my teeth.  So did Ben, but in a much darker mood.  He keep muttering, "What are we going to do?" and "Oh no!"  I did not know what his problem was until I hit the stairwell- turns out he has a much more sensitive nose- and the smell hit me.   The disgusting, overpowering smell of fresh dog doo. 

Before Percy starts yipping that I am blackening his good name, let me explain.  Yesterday, we agreed to foster another dog when the rescue called us saying they were desperate to find another foster family.  Sprite was being returned for the second time by an adoptive family (they don't get refunds on the vet bills, so that should have been the red flag.)  Apparently, she had lost 7 pounds and refused to eat unless they were forcing her by hand.  We agreed and brought Sprite home- an 8 month old, 36 lb cattle dog mix. 

Percy puffed up his 14 lbs and immediately asserted his dominance as the top dog.  Sprite found that amusing and decided Percy was funny enough to be her favorite toy.  Ben and I thought it was great fun to watch Sprite chase Percy around the yard.  If Percy ever stopped running, Sprite would bat at him with her paw or bark and him.  Haha.
Guilty Party

Anyway, it was a cold night in ID, so we felt bad leaving poor Sprite outside.  Since she is really wiley we didn't want her in the garage.  Ben had 3 motorcycles to sell in there and they decrease in value if they get knocked over.  Plus, I just bought a cute armoir at an auction for $25 that is in there waiting to get painted and I didn't want it to be chewed on.
So, we decided on the downstairs bath.  We put Percy in there (in his kennel) to keep Sprite company and went to bed.

And found a HUGE mess in the morning.  Coming to our house had helped Sprite regain her appetite and she had eaten a LOT of dog food and the prodigious end product was not pretty.  Or Solid. Especially after she stepped in it.  Speaking of- I need to go back and finish scrubbing out the grout with a toothbrush (Percy's- I think he must HATE Sprite.  I can just imagine what he was thinking when he saw Sprite decide to do her business inside right next to his kennel).

So, its been busy.


Ethan said...

Oh my gosh that sucks. You two are brave to keep dogs around. I doubt I'd have the patients to deal with hyperactive poo machines.

Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

Ohhhhh no. So gross. He's so ugly he's cute, though, huh? :-)

Kara M. said...

Oh man! I'm sorry to hear this!!! Dang!

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