Friday, September 16, 2011

Cloth Wipes for Diapering Baby

Since making the decision to cloth diaper, cloth wipes were an easy extension.  I found that most online stores sell double layer wipes for at least $1 each, so I decided to whip up some of my own. 

One year of diapering a child in disposables produces 1 ton of trash that can take over 300 years to break down.  While disposable wipes are certainly handy, fairly inexpensive, and the best option for some families, it sure feels warm and fuzzy inside to be able to use cloth.

I bought 1.5 yards of terry cloth for one side and cut up two pairs of old flannel pajamas for the other.  I used a large baby washcloth as a guide for cutting each rectangle.  Because I don't have a serger, I sewed them right sides together, leaving a small hole to flip them right sides out.  Then I sewed a border around the edges and a line down the center for strength through the multiple washings. 
Here is a close up of the finished product:

It took me about 4 hours altogether to make the 36 wipes.  My total cost was about $8 (5.60 for the terry cloth at and 2.40 for a roll of matching thread).  If you have to buy 1.5 yards of flannel you could certainly get more wipes, and would cost a little more.

This was my first sewing project for baby girl, and it felt fun to be making something with love for her.  I can't believe it, but I can hardly wait to change diapers on that sweet little bum!  I also know I did a high quality job on these wipes, and they should last through several children.

For those who are on a budget and don't sew or have the time, I found these cute single layer flannel wipes on Etsy that run for under $.50/wipe and get great reviews : Turtles R Us

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping Spree

Today I hit 3 thrift stores and a consignment shop- Savers, Idaho Youth Ranch, Other Mothers, and New Again.  I spent $29 for the following:

 2 Miracle blankets,  1 swaddler, 1 hooded towel, 2 pair slippers, 1 pair shoes, 15 pair socks, 1 mattress pad, 2 fitted crib sheets, 1 crib skirt, 1 maternity shirt, 3 books, 3 onesies, 1 bunting, 1 NWT designer sweater, and my favorite, a classic red wool coat. 

All for the price of any two of these items retail!  Hooray for thrift stores!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tips for Baby Bargain Shopping

1. Research!  Know what the best products are, and their retail/ebay/craigslist pricepoints.  That will help you stay away from wastes of money, and to recognize awesome deals.  I spent a lot of time reading reviews of 5 star products on Amazon, and reading through Mom Must-Have's on Amazon's Listmania.  I also read through blogs and Mom forums.  When I found something I knew I wanted, I checked the price on ebay and craigslist, making mental notes.

2. Best places for deals, in order:  Garage sales, thrift stores, resale stores, Amazon Warehouse, craigslist, Ebay.  Yup, Ebay ranked last.  Oftentimes, with shipping and the competition for well-rated items, you're not going to get much off retail.  Amazon Warehouse was a new find for me- basically they are reselling like-new customer returns, sometimes at a deep discount.  I got the Angelcare Movement and Sound Sensor Deluxe (normally $115) for $46, brand new in the box.  I've also seen the My Brest Friend for as low as $21.  Not bad for a new item shipped to your door for free (you HAVE signed up for Amazon Moms already, right?)

3. Be picky.  Every week there will be dozens of new garage sales and new items in at the thrift stores, so don't buy something unless you love it AND it's in great condition AND it's an excellent price.

4. Be a "regular".  I go to the thrift store every Monday and hit garage sales every Saturday.  I've developed my own price points for various items, and each week I find a nearly-new treasure.

5. If you spot an awesome deal on an item you already have, buy it and flip it.  I like Craigslist best because Ebay can be a hassle with the shipping, fees, and disillusioned buyers.  Almost every week I find something I can flip for enough to offset the cost of almost my entire shopping trip. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Girl!

My excuse for not blogging is most definitely female!  I was so excited to see her at the ultrasound.  The technician assured us that if she was like all the other babies that day, she would be easy and cooperative.  "Not if she is like her Dad!"  Sure enough, Baby Martineau was very stubborn and required lots of prodding and shifting to get all the necessary photos.  Here are some of the cuter ones:

Our CNM said that she looks perfectly normal and is a good size - 12 oz - for her age.  She seems to be on track for a January birthday.  Also, Ben asked if it would be alright to fly so close to the due date for the Christmas holiday.  She said it was too early to tell if I would have any complications that would outlaw it, but either way she probably wouldn't recommend traveling at 36 weeks.  So it looks like we are driving to Alabama, getting hit with last minute fares, or hanging about Boise.  Anyone have any third trimester travel experiences / advice?