Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Girl!

My excuse for not blogging is most definitely female!  I was so excited to see her at the ultrasound.  The technician assured us that if she was like all the other babies that day, she would be easy and cooperative.  "Not if she is like her Dad!"  Sure enough, Baby Martineau was very stubborn and required lots of prodding and shifting to get all the necessary photos.  Here are some of the cuter ones:

Our CNM said that she looks perfectly normal and is a good size - 12 oz - for her age.  She seems to be on track for a January birthday.  Also, Ben asked if it would be alright to fly so close to the due date for the Christmas holiday.  She said it was too early to tell if I would have any complications that would outlaw it, but either way she probably wouldn't recommend traveling at 36 weeks.  So it looks like we are driving to Alabama, getting hit with last minute fares, or hanging about Boise.  Anyone have any third trimester travel experiences / advice?


Mary Jo Murch said...

Congratulations! The third photo reminds me of an ultrasound picture we have of our little girl at our gender-revealing 20 wk. ultrasound.

What precious toes! :)

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