Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Tips for the Newly Pregnant

The first sign I was pregnant was sore breasts.  They grew, I bought new bras, which I promptly outgrew.  For the first trimester, just get some inexpensive sports bras at Walmart.  After that, try to stick to inexpensive solutions until you get to the nursing stage.

For the same reason, avoid pre-buying maternity tops.  I got a lot of cute ones in preparation during the first trimester.  What fit my chest then sadly no longer fit in the later two trimesters.  Just wait until you actually need it and then go get the correct size.

Maternity jeans are awesome and very comfortable, but there is more involved in pulling them up and down, which you do a lot with a baby bouncing on your bladder.  I got a few pairs of comfortable pajama and lounge pants a couple sizes up at the thrift store for wearing around the house.

Don't buy anti-nausea solutions or any other pregnancy symptom helps until that symptom actually appears.  A lot of symptoms you hear about you may never develop. podcasts are a joy to listen to when all you can think about is pregnancy, and no one else is interested in your new obsession.  I listened to all 200+ in the first trimester.  Pregnancy forums are also great, I use BabyCenter.

My favorite maternity tops are the ones with high enough necklines that I don't have to wear a layer underneath.  It makes life much easier.

When you develop road rage, start crying because your husband is neglectful, or get intensely irritated with strangers- remember that you are at a very hormonal time and this, too, shall pass.

I wanted to buy the best and brightest for baby.  I spent hours reading reviews of baby products on Amazon and picked out my top 1 or 2 choices for each item.  We planned what would work for our budget in each category (feeding, sleeping, nursery, diapering, etc.).  Sadly, this did not afford me the convenience of buying everything (or anything, actually) new.  So we hit garage sales every weekend, thrift stores on sale days, and a seasonal consignment sale.  I got every item on my wish list- down to brand and in 'like new' condition- for a tiny fraction of the price.  Being on a budget doesn't mean you have to cut corners or sacrifice quality, safety, or condition.  It just means you need to spend a little more time and constantly be on the prowl for bargains.  It was actually fun, and, a great activity to do with Ben.

Take everything with a grain of salt and do your research.  Not supposed to eat unheated deli meats?  When you research the actual risk level to you and the baby, you may decide that it is crazy low enough that it is OK to go head and eat a cold sandwich now and again. 


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Thanks so much for taking your time in writing this for me. I am just 1 week this was really helpful Pregnancy Tips

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