Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

We have been working here and there on the nursery.  Design is not my forte, and we are on a tight budget, so it takes me a long time to make decisions.  Finally, I found a light fixture option that had was I was looking for aesthetically and in the price department.  A tutorial for a faux capiz shell chandelier on Pinterest that really caught my eye, so I followed the tutorial at Freshly Picked, with a few changes.

Here is how to make your own.

Parchment Paper
Old metal-frame lamp shade or metal basket
Wax Paper   (2 boxes, cheap store brand is OK)
White Thread   (1-2 spools)
1.75'' Circle Punch   (I used Fiskars Lever Punch, X-Large, Circle)
1'' Circle Punch  (I used the Marth Stewart 1-Inch Punch Circle.  My one issue is it can't cut single circles, you must double up.  That was OK for this project but might be a pain in the future)
Swag Hooks  (I got the set at Home Depot, it anchors right in the ceiling and will hold 30 lbs)

Total Cost- About $30.  The circle punches can be pricey, watch Joann's for sales.

Total Time - I made this over the course of 4 days, it was rather tedious and time consuming.  I'd guess about 10 hours.  Definitely a great project to do with a friend or while watching a movie!

1. Layer 3 two-foot strips of wax paper between piece of parchment paper.  Four layers is about the most I could do.  Iron your stack of papers, and don't be shy!  The more you iron, the more wrinkly and capiz-esque your paper will look.  Remove ironed wax paper layers, and replace with fresh sheets.  You can, of course, reuse the parchment paper.  Repeat this for, what feels like, a thousand times.
2. Accordion fold the wax paper and punch away.  

3. Strip down your lamp shade to the bare metal.  If needed or desired, add an extra row of wire for an additional tier.  I didn't get a 'before' shot, but this should give you an idea.

4.  Now that you have your large and small circles cut out, it is time to arrange them.  First you need to know what length of strips to make.  I put my lampshade frame up against the ceiling, and measured from the bottom how long I wanted- about 11''.  That meant I wanted to make roughly 22'' long strips, that I then folded over the frame.  I used a pencil to lightly mark 22'' on my desk, and laid out a row of circles, intermixing large and small at random.

At first, I did this for each individual strip.  This takes forever!  To save time, once you've laid out a strip, make at least 5 piles of layered circles in matching order. 

5.  Then you just chain stitch sew each of the six strips, and start again.

6. As you go, you can layer the strips onto your frame.  Once you finish a section, cover the top with a stripe of hot glue to keep in place.

7.  Remove your previous light fixture, and hang up completed chandelier in it's place with swag hooks.

8.  Step back and enjoy your beautiful new chandelier!

Light off, in the afternoon

Light on, nighttime
Not too bad for $30!  Plus, at night it casts pretty shadows on the wall.

Somewhat Simple you are talking too much /> The DIY Show Off


Donata @ DK's Craft Cafe said...

Great idea, Candace!
Takes time, but it's definitely worth the effort :)
Thanks for sharing

Kara M. said...

Cute Idea! I can't wait to come and see it!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! This is! I love this chandelier. I can't believe that it is just circles of wax paper. Wow, I'm totally amazed.

I bet it took forever to get all those circles sewn. The finished product is beautiful, though. Congrats! I'm your newest follower.

Sarah@ Adventures of Our Fami-Ly

Viva Cindy said...

this is awesome!! what a great DIY. so creative and it turned out beautiful. i just started make a chandelier out of coffee filters. way to use kitchen supplies right?? ha

Six Sisters said...

Such a cute DIY!! This is so creative! And you could do any color to match a child's room!! Thanks for linking up with "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We loved having you and hope you'll be back next Saturday to share more terrific ideas! -The Sisters

Anonymous said...

Great idea . Going to try this for my daughters bedroom. Thanks for sharing !!

Eclectically Vintage said...

This is fabulous - I love capiz chandeliers and this looks like the real thing!

This is definitely inspiration - would love you to link up to our (6 blog) Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge link party - where we challenged ourselves to conquer our most daunting projects!


thistlewoodfarm said...

What a great idea! Love the light shining through! Thanks for linking up to our "impossibles" party!


Kim said...

Wow, that looks great! It does look like the real thing.

Eclectically Vintage said...

Thanks for linking up - I love this!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Pinned it! Such a great tutorial ...

Thanks so much for linking up to our Impossibilities challenge!


Jane said...

This is great! I'm making one using crystal beads for the utility room & I hadn't been able to figure out how to attach it to the ceiling! Good job! Then I want to do one for the hallway light.

Chiwei @ One Dog Woof said...

That's beautiful, and looked like it was so much work! Pinning this for when I have time to work on it :-)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Just gorgeous! I just did this with a tabletop lamp, the bedroom light is my next big project. Using the hooks is genius, gonna do that. Love how you used two sizes of circles, gonna do that, too!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Beautiful! What a big impact for only $30! Just awesome!

Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!

Candace said...

Make sure to share a picture, that sounds amazing!

Candace said...

The two circle sizes I think is the key to really making it pop

Chandelier Coupon Buyer said...

That was amazingly done. I totally read all your post to follow the steps perfectly. And I will definitely make something like this. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

Unknown said...

Love thisss beautiful im following you !

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