Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Furniture Re-do

After emailing him the Craigslist listing, Ben picked up this little table on his way home from work.  We learned a valuable lesson not to purchase furniture without both of us seeing it.  The table looked nice in the pictures, but in person it was pretty banged up and reeked of smoke.  The seats were covered in an awful printed vinyl meant to look like tan tooled leather.  We listed it back on Craigslist, but couldn’t find anyone willing to take it for anything near the price we’d paid.

First to go were the nasty seat covers.  We replaced them with an indoor/outdoor print from  It has a great weight and will hopefully last through the wear and tear of life with a small family. 

I put on two coats of Zinsser Cover Stain primer.  Then I put on another coat, for good measure.  I didn’t sand before or after or at any point during the re-do because I didn’t want to get too complicated with my first project and sanding scares me.   There are a few drip marks, nothing too noticeable, and brush strokes were reduced with the addition of Floetrol.  

After priming, I painted 4-5 thin coats of Valspar white semi-gloss.  I used the untinted gallon I’d purchased to paint all our trim.  I like the bright, happy white and the money saved.  We finished off the painted area with some coats of Polycrylic.  The table top got a rub down of Restor-a-Finish.  

The smoke smell is gone, and we love the end result!


Kara M. said...

Super Cute! I love it!! It turned out great!!

Eva said...

I can't believe a wooden piece of furniture could smell of smoke. Amazing!!! Thank goodness you managed to get rid of it and it looks really pretty all spruced up.
I was also in the alt class today with Melanie, loved it. So popped over here afterwards because I noticed that we have a similar theme. My blog line is "people build a house but family make a home"
How similar is that. Hope to see you in another alt class sometime.

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