Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Backyard Transformation

When we moved in, we inherited a rock/weed/mud pit for the side yard.  We were happy to ignore that mess as the backyard was pretty much Percy's domain.  This year, Little Girl loves being outside.  I love it cause I can relax on the porch while she entertains herself hunting bugs and examining rocks.  Oh yeah, and pulling out all my flowers and drinking out of Percy's water bowl.  Ben said he caught her chewing on a beetle today.

Anyway, it became clear that this was the year to make the change.

So much better, right?  We have a few plans for next year, but we are pretty well done for now.  It is time to relax and enjoy!

Move square foot garden into best sunlight spot
Mulch planter and add more flowers
Trim trees
Dig out rocks and weeds
Put in sprinklers and drip system
Put down top soil and sod
Plant raspberry/blackberry/flower bushes along fence
Purchase some inexpensive patio furniture
Purchase ultimate baby pool & slide
Order outdoor dog bed

Still to Do
Stain fence
Order a Water Table
Build/Buy Sandbox and Lid


Kara M. said...

Wow! It looks great! You'd been busy!

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