Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nursery Progress

Cadence is 16 months old, and is starting to enjoy spending time in her room.  We read books and play with puzzles, and it is one of my favorite rooms in our home.  I still have artwork to make and hang, a hairbow holder to complete, and some lovely bookshelves to paint and hang that her Grammy and Great-Grandpa made for her.  Still, I thought it would be nice to take some pictures because this is a happy room I will definitely want to revisit in future years.  We are going to start

Make a rug from jersey sheets
Sew and hang curtains
Hang artwork
Set up reading corner
Refinish thrifted furniture in white
Make a chandelier
Paint walls and trim

Still To Do
Paint and hang bookshelves
Finish bow holder
Rearrange furniture?
Art for above the crib

I've started thinking about her big girl room, but want to go in a completely different direction so that may have to wait till the next house.


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