Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Ideal Home

For years I have shaped my vision of the ideal home.  It should be a slice of heaven on earth, a corner of Eden, a refuge from the tempestuous outside world.  It should be cozy, warm, and inviting.  It should have personality and be as unique as the family that occupies it, while simultaneously reflecting the common hallmarks that most identify with the word "home".  I'd like it to be my family's favorite place to be, and a location where friends gather as well.

My dream home is not so small it feels cluttered or claustrophobic, but not so large that family members rarely see each other either.  The home is clean and orderly, functional and comfortable yet pleasing to the eye.  It is on enough land to boast a small orchard, a large garden, and plenty of room to run and play.  This provides children with plenty of character-building chores, and all with the enjoyment of watching things grow and the satisfaction of self-reliance.  The home also might border a forest, preferably with a meandering stream, which are transformed by imagination to exciting and exotic locations that must be explored, resulting in the abandonment of TV and video games.

Creating such a place is, in many ways, my life goal.  I imagine the children that grow up there are responsible, happy, healthy, helpful, and full of love for God, family, and life.  Reading and passion for learning is fostered.  Mistakes are made and the Atonement is appreciated and implemented with gratitude.

My home today is not the complete fulfillment of ultimate goals and desires, but it is closer than it was a year ago, and much closer than 5 years ago. (There is a husband in it!)  When I get caught up in the details or drudgery of life, or in the daily work of building our businesses, it is centering to recall what is truly important to me.


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