Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On Having Twins

In June we went back to the magic workers at Idaho Reproductive Center to get some assistance in trying for Martineau baby #2.  Just as with Cadence, we were extremely fortunate in having success after on cycle of Clomid.  When I went in for the confirming bloodwork and ultrasound, I was already experiencing nausea and other symptoms intensified from my last pregnancy.  So I halfway expected the diagnosis when it came- twins!

We had been jokingly hoping for this as hey- two for the price of one, right?  Still, seeing two tiny heartbeats on the screen was a dose of reality that set all joking aside.  Two newborns to master breastfeeding, to get up with in the night, twice the diapers, going from one to three, having three under three.  It took me a couple months actually to start getting truly excited about the idea.

Our intuition was once again confirmed correct when we visited the MFM doctor for the anatomy ultrasound.  We got to see a little girl and a little boy curled up yin-yang style. The rest of the appointment was really long, with twice as much anatomy to go over.  Still, it was fun to see them kicking around in there and to start looking forward to meeting actual squishy newborns.  The best part of being pregnant with twins so far is all the ultrasounds!  That was my 5th and we have at least two more scheduled.

While at first I was overwhelmed at the news, now I feel overwhelmingly happy!  I have been trying to stick to reading only positive experiences and factual statistics and stay away from the moms griping about all the challenges.  This is probably the best advice I have for a mom pregnant with any amount of babies. Positive preparation wins out, because a lot of the negative stuff you read to prepare for never actually happens or is over-exaggerated while the good stuff is oh-so-much better in reality.  You'll be finding out firsthand soon enough what it is like, so get the basics on baby-tending prepared and dive in!


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