Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Engagement Story

First, a quick relationship overview.  Benjamin and I met at BYU.  We dated for a bit, realized our obvious incompatibilities, and broke up.  We remained friends though and pretty soon started dating again.  That boy is a crazy good kisser, so the chemistry outweighed our differences.  After a few more months we once again broke up and Ben left for an internship in California.  I felt really strongly that we were going to be married one day, but also that I needed to stop talking to him and try to move on and just trust in the Lord.  So we lost contact and both started dating other people.  

Well, towards the end of his internship, Ben was having a discussion with his then girlfriend about what would happen with their relationship as he was headed back to Utah to finish school.  She was thinking of following him there and he disagreed.  She stated "I think you're still in love with Candace."  As soon as she said it, he realized it was true.  He called me that night and every night thereafter until his return.  From then on we were pretty inseparable.  Time had smoothed out the petty things we had argued over in the past and compromises were easily found.  We talked a bit about marriage, but given our on-again, off-again past decided to give it time. I was pending graduation and was planning to move to Arizona to stay with my sister, and Ben said we would carry on in a long-distance relationship.  

That summer, some friends invited us on a road trip to Disneyland.  The Disneyland day started a bit early and I was grumpy, but Ben encouraged me to perk up as he wanted it to be the best day ever.  As everyone wanted to do different things, we broke off from the group and ran around the park.  Ben suggested we meet back with the group for lunch in New Orleans.  We were the first to arrive at the meeting spot.  There was a caricature artist, so he suggested we have ours drawn while we waited as a souvenir.  I protested at first because it seemed kind of pricey, but he insisted.  That should have been the first clue as Ben is typically super frugal.  As it was being drawn, a crowd began to gather.  Ben kept saying strange sweet things like- "Disneyland is so  romantic.  You are really beautiful."  It is a warm day, around noon, noisy crowds all around, so I was just thinking "Yeah, I guess so..."

The artist finally stopped and said, "I am almost done, I just need a little help finishing."  She turned the picture around- him on one knee with a thought-bubble saying "Will you marry me?"  and me with an empty bubble. 

Ben got on one knee, pulling out the ring, his hand was shaking and his eyes were glistening with emotion.  He asked me to marry him.  I said, "Sure, why not!"  He jumped up, we kissed, the crowd clapped.  

I love that it was such a surprise!  I was SHOCKED (we had been dating off and on for 2 years but he insisted he wasn't ready to get married, we'd never gone ring shopping, anything!).  The ring was a placeholder from Walmart, so when we got home from the trip we got the real deal and a whirlwind 6 weeks later we were married.

 The caricature hangs in our entryway and, to this day, I have not lived down responding "Sure, why not!"


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