Saturday, December 14, 2013

Atlanta, Huntsville, Nashville Trip

We are back from our final trip as a family of 3!  Technically, California was supposed to be the last, but we earned a companion pass on Southwest Airlines that has been burning a hole in my pocket.  I called my parents and they were free the following week so I booked the tickets.

Ben and I left Cady Kay to have a nice time with her grandparents in Huntsville, AL while we drove out to explore Atlanta for a few days.  The drive was beautiful and there were lots of fun stops along the way, including a sampling of Georgia peach cider and pecans, and a visit to the Unclaimed Baggage store.  Finally, a store Ben doesn't mind shopping in!

When we got to Atlanta, it was getting a little late so we had a quick dinner at a local Waffle House and then went to see Ender's Game.  We enjoyed getting to sleep though the night and only felt a small tinge of sympathy for my parents.  The next morning, we slept in so started the day with a mystery shop at the OK Cafe.  The down home cooking was amazing while the service was lacking.  Then we headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  At the time it was built it was the largest in the US, the displays were huge and varied.  We browsed around and barely finished by closing time.  Coca Cola World is in the same complex but open later, so that was our next stop.  There are a lot of cheesy displays, but it was fun and nice to be off my feet.  The best part was, of course, taste testing the various international offerings.  Strangely, if I hated one then Ben enjoyed it and vice versa.  We drank enough to justify our $16 admissions, then headed out to another mystery shop dinner of tacos at Tin Lizzie's.  it was delicious, but the rest of the night was spent filling out reports so I swore off mystery shopping on future vacations.

Friday morning we headed to Stone Mountain, which was beautiful.  We also paid a visit to see the world's largest collection of miniature chairs and were taken on a tour by the collector herself.  As you might imagine, she was quite the character.  Lunch was burgers, seasoned fries, and frozen custard at this tasty little local joint then we hit the road.  On the trip back to Huntsville we discovered Popcorn Haven, a little store which boasts over 250 flavors.

We got back to my parents home before Cadence's bedtime so got to say goodnight to the little sweetheart.  She was reported to be a joy, but we did hear some stories later about some mischief she got into.  While staying with my folks we visited the Hunstville Space and Rocket Center, had dinner at a yummy Italian place, and walked from their house to the Waffle House for breakfast- lucky!

On Monday we headed to Nashville to visit Financial Peace Plaza and see the Dave Ramsey Show live, had lunch at Bojangles, and then went to open mic night at the Bluebird Cafe (frequently featuered in the TV show Nashville).


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