Friday, August 8, 2014

Life with a Toddler

Cadence comes running into the office. "Feel my heart beep!"  Cute.

7 minutes later...

Cadence comes running in the office, sans undies.  "Cady go poopy!"  I grab her hand to take her to the potty, but instead she takes me outside and shows me where she pooped on the lawn.  Not so cute.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

On the morning of the grand and glorious fourth, I woke up with the flu.  I did not want to ruin the holiday so insisted on following through with our plan to go blueberry picking at Rocky Mountain Berry Patch.  It was a super hot day, and we got there right around noon.  Excellent planning, I know.  Our Groupon was for 23 lbs of berries, but I had only picked about a pint when the nausea overcame me and I could pick no more.  I was sick among the bushes, then felt mildly better and was able to move myself and the little babies to the shade of a tree so Ben and Cadence could check out the farm animals.  Having achieved my goal of memories made, we went home where I collapsed in my air conditioned room and didn't move until it was time to prepare for fireworks.  The little babies loved the fireworks, Cadence hid her head and clung to me while whispering "Scary, scary!"  We gave it about 15 minutes then took her home to watch from the safety of the upstairs window.  She really enjoyed them from that reduced-noise vantage point.


Today, I embraced my inner "real housewife".  That show is my guilty pleasure to the max.  I love to put it on when folding laundry so I can transport myself to world of massive diamonds, mansions, and luxiourous vacations.  OK, actually they can keep all that.  My daydream is all about the team of nannies, housekeepers, stylists, and personal chef.  Anyway, having studied the self-indulgent housewife carefully, I left my darlings with a babysitter and drove my gas-guzzling SUV to lunch out, the salon, and Starbucks.  (For me, Starbucks seems like the ultimate indulgence,  possibly since all financial advice columns refer to giving up one of their coffees a day to become a millionaire)

In my defense, I used Groupons originally purchased to be a post-labor rejuvenation day I am just getting around to now.  Also, while I asked for 'natural', I ended up looking like a crazy doll.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Son

I so love having a little boy. I always thought being a mom to all girls would be truly delightful , after all I understand them. However, I am so glad we have been blessed with our son. His laid-back snuggly, sweetheart personality just balances out our family perfectly.

Butterfly Garden at Zoo Boise

Monday,  Ben's mom Naomi was in town so we took the kids to the zoo.  Cadence was enthralled.   I didn't get many pictures but here are some from the butterfly garden.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aria and Bentley are Blessed

Bentley and Aria got their names and father's blessing on Sunday, August 27th.  They were blessed in Emily and Parry's ward in Provo, UT.  My mom made their blessing outfits out of heirloom fabric and lace to be passed down to future generations- and they are beautiful!  In attendance were Grandpa Petersen, Stephen, Carolyn, Emily & Parry, Auntie Rose, Aunt Cindy & Uncle John, my cousins Janessa, Emily, Melanie & Thomas and their baby Billy.  It was a happy and special occasion.  Ben recorded the blessings so when I have access to that I'll put in some notes and additional pictures.

First Roadtrip for the Twins

Today our darling babies are 3 months!  It is hard to believe, they are still so small but on the other hand it feels like it has been forever since the hospital days.
Emily graduated from BYU Law, and when I heard my parents were coming out for the ceremony I thought it would be a perfect time to take the kids down and give them a chance to meet Uncle Stephen and their Grandpa Petersen (Cadence affectionately calls him Pop Pop).

Originally, the plan was to be driving with Ben, but he got a lead on a car in default and flew out to California to pick it up.  I drove straight through the 6 hours down to SLC from Boise and met him there.  The poor babies had full diapers, but it was too stressful to imagine wrangling all three into a gas station bathroom.
We met up with Daddy at a SLC Ethiopean restaurant I love.  Sadly, the trip rendered all three angels into baser screaming animal cubs. With blowouts. It was kind of horrible, but the leftovers later in the hotel were great.

We met up with my family and enjoyed a jam-packed weekend.  Emily's graduation, reception, and dinner.  A gender reveal party for her and Parry (expecting a boy in September!) and a meet-up with our pals the Darais family.  The dual baby blessing of Aria Jane and Bentley James.
After all that, I joined my family back on the road for Phase Two out to sweet home Alabama while Ben drove back to Boise to get in some long work hours and sleep-filled nights.
Phase 2 included stops at Zion's National Park to hike The Narrows, the Grand Canyon, a Deer Farm, and the Petrified Forest (tied for my favorite with Zion's).  We then split up and Mom and I went with the babies to Graceland while Dad, Carolyn, and Stephen headed straight home.  It was quite the trip!

Cady's favorite animal was the fan tailed pigeon.

Cadence's last day with her beloved juice babi.

She LOVED this ride.

The final picture is poor Cady Kay, completely exhausted at crashing on the couch at my parents' home.  We made it!