Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Week Ever

Monday morning, at 34 weeks pregnant, my water broke.  I was not in active labor, so I sent Ben to work with Cadence for a couple hours while I got things ready around the house.  As I headed in to be evaluated at Labor & Delivery, I called Ben to invite him to meet me there.  He explained that it was not a good time and he was very busy, to which I naturally had to ask, "What could be more important than supporting your wife through delivering your twins?"

Turns out, he had a really good answer.  While at the office, he had a transaction that required change.  He opened the petty cash drawer and was surprised to see it only contain $10 instead of it's requisite $200.  Upon reviewing our security footage, he discovered our employee sneaking in on Saturday night and robbing the drawer.  What do you do?  Well, in hindsight you send the employee home, close the office and put a sign on the door explaining your wife is prematurely in labor.  We decided to not let on that we knew about the $190 theft and hope that she was intending to replace it before we noticed.  Ben was able to join me at the hospital and support me as they induced labor with Pitocin.

The rest of the day was a wonderful blur.  Even the painful bits are all awash in the joy of having our two precious darlings.

Tuesday we awoke exhausted.  When we finally stumbled down to our recovery room from the NICU the night before, it was past 3 AM.  We got some fitful sleep, interrupted by pumping and nurse check-ups.  We took it easy, visited our little angels and were very pleased to hear some great progress reports.  Ben checked the security cameras at work and found that his employee had been asleep in an empty office for over an hour.  He decided to stop by the office on his way home to check in on Cadence.  He texted his employee to give her a heads up he was on the way over, and she said she would head out to lunch.

When he arrived at the office, he checked the cash drawer.  It now contained $30.  The day before the deposit had been $20 short.  He began to do some research and found that unauthorized and unaccounted withdrawals had been made over the past 10 days in increasingly larger amounts, including two that totaled $677 from the day before, while he was tending to his family.

Well, the hope of an honest misunderstanding or that she had been borrowing with an intent to replace quickly was shattered.  Ben checked with the employee to find out when she would be back- 20 minutes.  He called the sheriff's office and they sent over officers to arrive in 30 minutes so as not to tip her off.  Well, they showed up and she was not there.  Ben shared his story and evidence and they waited for an hour, no employee.  Figuring she saw their marked vehicles and got spooked, the started packing up.  Just as they were leaving, her car pulled in.

Our employee entered the office like everything was normal.  As they began to question her (letting her know the whole time that she was not under arrest and did not have to answer questions), she started off playing dumb but quickly realized the jig was up and confessed.  The police asked if she had written checks to herself, and she said yes.  Naturally, she was fired, so they accompanied her as she went through the office collecting her things.  After she left, the police explained the next steps to Ben.  They would present the evidence to the detective to build a case. The detective then passes that on to the prosecutor, who decides what to do with it.  They assured us she would be arrested.

Ben forwarded what information he had, then began to look into these checks the employee had mentioned.  He found several instances where she had forged his signature and written checks to herself, all within the past 10 days.  The amounts with the withdrawals and the petty cash money totaled around $2100.

Ben finally was able to go check in on our toddler and pick up supplies from home.  He returned to me for our celebration dinner at the hospital, and another visit to our newborns.  The theft was a large topic of conversation as this was quite dramatic and fascinating situation to be in.  We speculated over what the 19 year old could possibly have spent it all on (she claimed every dime was gone) when she also receives $1000 government support, a full-time paycheck from us, and up until recently lived at home for free.

Wednesday, Ben woke up early to attend an Entreleadership training with Dave Ramsey.  We had purchased it months prior counting on a March 14th due date!  On his way home he stopped by the office and checked his bank account- two more checks had hit, written and cashed the day before, bringing the total stolen to over $4000.  Yup, while he was in the hospital with his premies and recovering wife the employee we hired to depend on for just this time was taking full advantage.  I was discharged from the hospital, did one final breastfeeding with both twins (holding and feeding them is just the best.  They look so strong and healthy), and picked up Cadence.  Ben had to look into these new checks but was able to get home around 8 PM.

I am nervous about what a new day will bring, but excited as well.  It seems like embezzlement and grand theft would be a blight on our special birth week, but honestly for all the bad news we have been so blessed to receive excellent news with every NICU visit.  Each time it is like we are visiting different babies that are stronger and more alert.  I want them home with me so badly, and to be able to hold them and talk to them as long as I like, but even seeing all the tests and wires and tubes can't dampen the joy, peace, and just fullness of love I have within.  My brood of babies has tripled and so has my capacity for love.  This has been the best week ever.


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