Friday, April 11, 2014

OpenSky - Buyer Beware

Once in awhile, a company shows such  blatant disregard for the customer that I feel forced to go off topic from my typical content to leave a review and warning.  OpenSky is a website that has intrigued me for some time- offering (or so they claim) the service and selection of a large webstore with product selections from many different vendors that you might otherwise never hear of.  Similar to Etsy, but without the handmade or vintage parameters.
I placed an order for a gift for my brother, a t-shirt reading "Most Okayest Brother".  I'm not sure he'll find it as amusing as I do, but we'll see.  I also tacked on some other items, including a pair of earrings for myself.  I am allergic to most types of metal, including sterling silver.  I was thrilled to find a pair of pretty crystal earrings that said they were triple plated platinum. They were marked down from a $127 price point to $39, so even better!
When the earrings arrived, they were in a cheap pouch from Feshionn IOIB.  I instantly began to suspect these were not $127 quality, not even $39 quality.  Sure enough, the metal was stamped .925 silver.  Disappointed, I double checked the product page to make sure I had not made a mistake.  It said triple plated in platinum, so I wrote a polite request for a refund to the OpenSky team.  After several days, I received a response with a return label that let me know I would be charged a $7.95 return shipping fee and would not be refunded my original shipping.  I complained and the next day received an email telling me to check the product page, it doesn't say anything about platinum.  Sure enough, the product page was updated to state the correct metal.  They insisted the product page had not been changed and refused to waive the restocking fee, implicitly calling me a liar.
While the amount we are talking about is just a little over $10, this customer service failing irked me enough to never shop with OpenSky again and to write the post.  If you choose to order anything through them, make sure to take screen shots of every step of the process and to check your items carefully to make sure they are as described.


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