Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Roadtrip for the Twins

Today our darling babies are 3 months!  It is hard to believe, they are still so small but on the other hand it feels like it has been forever since the hospital days.
Emily graduated from BYU Law, and when I heard my parents were coming out for the ceremony I thought it would be a perfect time to take the kids down and give them a chance to meet Uncle Stephen and their Grandpa Petersen (Cadence affectionately calls him Pop Pop).

Originally, the plan was to be driving with Ben, but he got a lead on a car in default and flew out to California to pick it up.  I drove straight through the 6 hours down to SLC from Boise and met him there.  The poor babies had full diapers, but it was too stressful to imagine wrangling all three into a gas station bathroom.
We met up with Daddy at a SLC Ethiopean restaurant I love.  Sadly, the trip rendered all three angels into baser screaming animal cubs. With blowouts. It was kind of horrible, but the leftovers later in the hotel were great.

We met up with my family and enjoyed a jam-packed weekend.  Emily's graduation, reception, and dinner.  A gender reveal party for her and Parry (expecting a boy in September!) and a meet-up with our pals the Darais family.  The dual baby blessing of Aria Jane and Bentley James.
After all that, I joined my family back on the road for Phase Two out to sweet home Alabama while Ben drove back to Boise to get in some long work hours and sleep-filled nights.
Phase 2 included stops at Zion's National Park to hike The Narrows, the Grand Canyon, a Deer Farm, and the Petrified Forest (tied for my favorite with Zion's).  We then split up and Mom and I went with the babies to Graceland while Dad, Carolyn, and Stephen headed straight home.  It was quite the trip!

Cady's favorite animal was the fan tailed pigeon.

Cadence's last day with her beloved juice babi.

She LOVED this ride.

The final picture is poor Cady Kay, completely exhausted at crashing on the couch at my parents' home.  We made it!


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