Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Sad...

The babies and Cadence were happily playing (engaging in destruction) in the playroom.  I worked furiously to accomplish as much as I could before the buzzer went off.  I got in a productive 7 minutes before the slowly building wail began- Bentley.  I put down my laptop and went to the playroom to pick up my poor little guy.  Needing another 10 minutes or so to post some new skirts to my website, I led the baby parade to the family room for some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
Cady slumped behind. "I'm sad."
"What's wrong?"
She collapsed in a dejected pile against the couch. "I hurt Bentley boy and now I'm sad."
"Oh?  Where did you hurt him so I can kiss him better?"
"I kicked him and he's crying and now I'm sad."
"Where did you kick him?"
"On his head and his cheek and his back."
I gave the now comforted Bentley some kisses. He seemed fine, and Cadence's devastated little face was so cute and funny I had a difficult time being serious, but I pulled it together.
"OK we'll lets not hurt brother anymore and then everyone can be happy.  Is that a good idea?"
"OK mom."


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