Saturday, April 15, 2017

Questival 2017!!

We are right in the middle of Cotopaxi's intensely fun 24 hour challenge, Questival.  Our friends from college, Trevor and Breanna, flew in from Austin, TX to compete with us.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Progress Report

Garage- Done!
Basement- needs wallpaper, final selections on light fixtures, paint trim, and a countertop for the desk.
Kitchen- counters should be in by 12/5, then can install appliances and plumbing.  Then just needs lights.

Mudroom- needs light installed and cabinets
Dining Room- finish crown molding and footboards on built in hutch.  Install light and huge mirror.  Trim.

Fresh carpeting really sets off the bannister makeover.

I spraypainted all the vents an Oil-rubbed Bronze to blend in with the new bamboo flooring. 

Living room- trim and fireplace makeover.
Guest bathrooom- done!
Guest bedroom- done!
Family room- trim and entertainment center.  Fireplace makeover.
Stairs- install handrails
Cadence's Room- done!

Twins' Room- done!
Kids' Bathroom- paint cabinets and install mirrors
Playroom and Bathroom- done!
Laundry/Craft room- wallpaper and craft desk.
Master Bedroom- new light
Master Bath- done 'til phase 2
Attic- done!

Things have really been coming along!  I can't believe how much longer it took than I planned.  And I won't get into how much more it has cost.  Anyway, here is hoping we can get moved in by Christmas.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Let the Renovations Begin!

Well, we have had the keys to our new home for two weeks, and the to-do list seems to be growing longer rather than shorter!  The previous homeowner left a lot of junk so the first week was spent ordering a dumpster, sorting, and getting rid of so much stuff.  Some cool items were left as well, like a square grand piano, a pottery barn bunk bed, and other odds and ends that will hopefully offset the dumpster rental.

Celebrating our new purchase at Burger King.

Because we fancy.

We have embarked on a few projects so far, with mixed results.  We are using doing a silver metallic epoxy in the garage, but it bubbled something awful so we have to sand it down and do a second layer.  Except we already bought out all our local stores of the stuff so we need to wait a few weeks for more to get in.  We scrubbed and pressure-washed the porch and the back deck.  The porch stain I  ordered was supposed to be a light chestnut brown but went on way dark.  It was very scary on day one, but now that it is dry looks pretty good.  I am still picking stain for the back deck, which was in much worse shape and probably needs a solid coat.  Also the deck balusters are copper so I ordered some cleaning agents and sealer to bring them back to full glory.
The windows were a concern to be immediately addressed.  What we we thought would be a $2000 glass replacement has turned into $5100 of replacement windows.  Those will take 4-6 weeks to get in, which puts off exterior painting until at least then.
In the meantime, I am picking a color!  Ben has said no to green or gray which leaves me with a lot of lovely blue options.  I have put up a lot of samples today and will hopefully have a selection by the end of the day tomorrow so we are ready to go once the windows are installed.

So basically, 2 weeks in we have done a major clean out, garage floors layer one, the porch and halfway deck, and a LOT of shopping.  Stay tuned for further progress!  This week I have my buddy Cherstin helping and Ben is taking a few days off as well.  I hope to get the electric done in the basement so we can put the drywall up, pick and order bamboo flooring, install the new toilets, paint and finish phase one of the downstairs bathroom, re-epoxy half the garage with the kits we do have.... oh my so much to do!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Picking Exterior Paint

We are set to close in 14 days!  Woo hoo!

I am starting to feel the pressure of the decisions that need to be made.  Before we can move in there are certain things that must be done- inside/outside paint, replacing window panes, all new flooring, kitchen, finishing the basement, moving the laundry room upstairs and installing a pantry in it's former place.  Other cosmetic things like replacing dated switchplates and door hardware can wait, and renovating the bathrooms will have to wait for the budget to replenish.

Originally, we planned to hold off on exterior paint.  The home inspection turned up some exterior issues, though, and repainting was bumped up the list.

Here is the front view of the house as it currently stands.  The cream color is nice but we definitely want to go with something darker to have the trim pop.

Here are some of the color options I'm considering, all Sherwin Williams colors because they have a fun color tool to play with.

Gray Shingle:

 Halcyon Green:  This one had been my favorite judging off of homes I've seen on Pinterest, but it looks a little too light here.

This is one shade darker, Jasper Stone, which I prefer:

And one step darker still is the beautiful Labradorite:

Naval makes me swoon, but I am not sure the HOA will allow going this dark.  


One step lighter, Tranquil Aqua- perhaps not tranquil enough.

Lastly, Underseas.

So we definitely like blues and greens.  I truly love gray as well, but with the roof color being a medium gray I am worried about the house being too uniform.  Looking back over these, I think it is Jasper Stone and Naval that really get my heart beating.  I'd love to hear any opinions or alternative suggestions, though!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

We are buying a new house!

After struggling in vain to make room in our two car garage for a second car to park inside for the winter, my frustrated husband came inside and proclaimed, "I'm ready to move!"
I have been keeping an eye on Zillow for years, but with the rapid growth of Ideal Lending requiring lots of capital, I thought a move was still at least 6 months away.  Well, I found a few potentials and we went to an open house the next day.  And put in an offer.  That is Ben for you- as we walked through the lovely home that was about 60k over the top of our range, he decided "Why not?!" He offered the realtor 20% below the asking price.  Some research later indicated that it wasn't a horrible offer- the house was overpriced, as evidenced by its sitting on the market for over a year and recent comps.
Well, the homeowners unsurprisingly turned us down, but we had set up two more showings so were undeterred.  The next home we saw wasn't a good fit.  The price, the layout, the need for upgrades- it just wasn't a match.  But the local realtor really sold us on the neighborhood and the ward.  So when we walked down the street to the next home to look at we were hopeful. We were further primed by that home's realtor letting us know that the seller was highly motivated and willing to work with us on the price.  Magic words!
Long story short- we recognized that a lot of upgrades were necessary, but so did the seller and the home was priced to sell.  We walked through again with a contractor and got an estimate of what the work would cost (about 77k- YIKES!) and after much back-and-forth we formulated an offer.  The seller agreed but it would need to be a short sale at our price so we went forward with submitting the offer to the bank.  We are hoping to hear back soon and let the renovations begin!

We are thinking a medium gray exterior paint with a more colorful door and brightening up the white trim.  Too much gray with the roof?  I love the idea of some large hydrangeas to replace those bushes on either side of the porch steps, but I haven't had much luck with those here in Idaho.

Picture medium to dark-tone, wide plank, hand scraped wood floors throughout the lower level and staining the baluster to match.  I have some ideas for the dining room, but the first step will be adding some pretty trim.

I'd like to make the front room more of a 'library' with lots of built in bookcases.  That project will definitely have to wait though, in the meantime new flooring, trim, and upgrading the fireplace are all higher priority.

Here is my problem child room.  The built ins are kind of asymmetrical and off to start out with.  If we keep that wall then I think making it all one color should make it more uniform.  But- if you look past the fireplace you see the dining nook.  On the other side of the fireplace wall is a second staircase going up, and then a staircase going down to the basement.  I propose to move the basement staircase under the front staircase going up and remove the walls to open this room up to the kitchen.  Maybe relocate the fireplace to the opposite wall.  I am not sure if that is structurally possible or financially feasible, but that is my current dream.  Otherwise we will have to work around a closed kitchen concept, which has benefits too.

Small compared to our current kitchen and showing wear, we are planning to gut the whole thing and start over.  This results in lots of pinning and daydreaming, but also some stress as I'm sure that my dream kitchen will take a lot of work and $$.

I'd like to do banquet seating but I'm not sure what to do about that door. We don't need it as there is another door going out to the deck very close.

I have some ideas for this space.  One of our favorite features isn't pictured in the ad- there is a door that goes upstairs to the finished attic space- kind of like a secret room just for us.  Ben wants to turn it into a Starcraft lair, I had visions of a workout space and nail salon corner.

Like our current home, there are 5 bedrooms total if you include the closet-less guest room.  They leave me a little 'meh' after our nice spacious rooms and walk-in closets here, but I'm hoping new trim, carpet, light fixtures will help.  And some serious closet organization!

I am going to replace the vanity or just have a marble-esque quartzite counter put in, undermount sinks, go white with the vanity and crystal knobs, and playful accessories and paint.

I love the tall ceilings and skylight.  There are no rear neighbors, the house backs up to a pasture.  The master is feeling a little uninspired, though.  It is kind of a wonky layout.  I am hoping doing a glass wall shower enclosure will open it up a bit and maybe a freestanding tub to reduce the footprint a little. Also, heated tile floors. And a hardwired towel warmer.

As a laundry room this would be fine, but the pantry is insufficient so we are moving the laundry room upstairs to the not-pictured craft/playroom.  The 4th upstairs bedroom will become the playroom and there will be plenty of room to keep it a craft/laundry heaven for me.  This room will have build ins on both sides- mudroom on one wall, pantry on the other.

I really like the outdoor spaces.  We can add a little shade and grass and the kids will have a great spot to run around.  I can visualize sitting on a lawn chair in the garage while they practice pedaling around the driveway and sidewalk.

Sometimes I am excited, sometimes I am terrified.  There is a LOT I want to do to this home.  All new flooring, paint, and baseboards/trim throughout.  Moving the laundry room upstairs to make way for a pantry/mudroom.  Revamping the whole kitchen to make it feel larger and, if possible, more open.  Finishing the not pictured, framed in, 1000 sf basement.  Overhaul on the master bathroom and updates to the other 3 bathrooms.  It will be difficult to stick to our budget and to balance renovating, running my business, and time with my three toddlers!  Are we crazy?  Or will it be wonderful to take a house that needs some love and make it into a beautiful, loved home?

Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Sad...

The babies and Cadence were happily playing (engaging in destruction) in the playroom.  I worked furiously to accomplish as much as I could before the buzzer went off.  I got in a productive 7 minutes before the slowly building wail began- Bentley.  I put down my laptop and went to the playroom to pick up my poor little guy.  Needing another 10 minutes or so to post some new skirts to my website, I led the baby parade to the family room for some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
Cady slumped behind. "I'm sad."
"What's wrong?"
She collapsed in a dejected pile against the couch. "I hurt Bentley boy and now I'm sad."
"Oh?  Where did you hurt him so I can kiss him better?"
"I kicked him and he's crying and now I'm sad."
"Where did you kick him?"
"On his head and his cheek and his back."
I gave the now comforted Bentley some kisses. He seemed fine, and Cadence's devastated little face was so cute and funny I had a difficult time being serious, but I pulled it together.
"OK we'll lets not hurt brother anymore and then everyone can be happy.  Is that a good idea?"
"OK mom."

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boy Girl Twins Cake Smash

Happy first birthday to my tiny darlings, Aria and Bentley!

I went with blue and purple for my theme and got the decorations from the dollar store and Walmart.  I got the cupcake cake pan at JoAnns and I think it all came together well!